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We are now offering specialized foot care through custom foot orthoses, orthopaedic footwear, footwear modifications, partial foot devices, and custom footwear. We provide a full biomechanical and gait assessment, with casting and manufacturing on-site so that we can ensure a proper fit for each patient based on individual needs. Modifications and adjustments are made at follow-up appointments as needed. 

Loewen Prosthetic Services provides all types of prostheses for the upper and lower body. We are a full service prosthetic facility serving the needs of both pediatric and adult patients. Prostheses include: restorative, conventional and state-of-the-art devices. All devices are manufactured on site by professionals with the exception of some restorative protheses.

Loewen Prosthetic Services is committed to providing an exceptionally high level of prosthetic care for our patients, that we accomplish through:

  • Taking the time to know each patient and their individual needs
  • Providing high quality devices
  • Working closely with the other health care professionals involved with our patient's rehabilitation process and on-going care
  • Maintaining flexible hours to accommodate your lifestyle
  • Making nursing and retirement home calls
  • Always being available for questions, concerns, returning messages and calls promptly
  • Staying current with new technology and clinical techniques by attending and participating in courses, seminars, in-services, conferences, lectures and maintaining current subscriptions to relevant professional publications
  • Establishing new clinics to provide easier access to quality care
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Upper Body Prosthetics
Upper Extremity amputees have very specific needs. In order to determine these, a thorough clinical assessment is performed and an in depth discussion with each patient is held. This enables us to provide the best prosthetic care for the individual. We fit passive restorative, conventional body powered and myoelectrically controlled devices.


Otto bock’s new microprocessor hand has a natural appearance of movement both statically and dynamically due to the combination of independently moving fingers and a thumb that can be individually moved along with a flexible passive wrist unit that both flexes, extends and rotates.  The wrist that can be put into a flexible mode mimicking the movements of the wrist in a relaxed position and a Rigid Mode where it can be locked in different angles.

Click Here To Learn More About Michelangeo 


Bebionic is a microprocessor hand that has individual motors to control each finger.  This results in 14 different grip patterns and hand positions.  The thumb has a built in sensor that allows for selectable thumb positions.

There is an auto grip function that allows the hand to reposition when the sensor picks up an object slipping from grasp.  The B bionic has a durable construction makes it strong enough to carry 45kg.  This allows the individual the freedom of using the hand in a more dominant manner in day-to-day activities. 

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I-Limb The I-Limb
The worlds first fully articulating and commercially available bionic hand Loewen Prosthetics Services is an Accredited I-Limb Practioner.
Infant Hand Child Hand
The child hand from Otto Bock depicts the typical characteristics of a young child.
ABElbow Conventional Above Elbow Prosthesis 
An example of a conventional above elbow prosthesis with a locking elbow and quick disconnect wrist. The patient can easily change from a hook to a hand. 
MyoHand Myo Electric Prosthesis
A Myo Electric Prosthesis enables patients the ability to grasp and move chess pieces. Loewen Prosthetics Services has the ability to fit all above and below the elbow Myo Electric Prosthesis.
Sensor Hand

Otto Bock Sensor Hand
An upper extremity amputee strives to handle objects carefully and effectively. They are always aware that the object may drop from their prosthetic hand. The goal would be to transfer this concentration from the tool (hand) to the task (object).  The Sensor Hand from Otto Bock Orthopedic Industry of Canada offers greater function, control and ultimately peace of mind to its users. Microchip and slip sensor technology allows the hand to instantaneously adjust its grip without any input from the user to prevent slippage. An additional flexy-grip feature allows the amputee to reposition an object in the hand without any EMG input. The hand will automatically reset its grip to the appropriate amount of grasp required to hold the object. The Sensor Hand is completely adaptable to the user in a variety of control options that include dual site, single site, digital, proportional and switch control. All achieved through the use of different coding plugs. Many of the control options offer input and unique modalities that introduce new degrees of freedom and function to higher level amputees.

Lower Body Prosthetics

Lower Extremity amputees are also unique and have their own special needs. It is our job to design and provide the type of device to suit your activity level and lifestyle. Following are a few examples...


The inventor Dr. Hugh Herr is the director of the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab but also is a double below the knee amputee.   The BiOM is the only microprocessor ankle-foot device that allows for active push off of the foot during walking. This provides a more biomechanically normal walking pattern for a variety of speeds over level-ground and up stairs.

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Ottobocks newest microprocessor knee has more functions then any other microprocessor knee on the market.  The additional sensors and gyroscope allows for more stability over a multiple terrain and multi-directional movement.  What also makes this knee exceptional is that it is the only microprocessor knee that allow the user to walk step over step up stairs, also this function makes it easy to cross obstacles more smoothly also it allows for a patient to walk backwards.  Also new functions of the knee allow more comfortable standing and sitting, providing a more natural and intuitive use of the leg. 

There are 5 activities modes controlled by the hand- held remote which also shows battery level and is a pedometer.  The knee is more durable and water resistant with a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs.  Even with all these functions the knee is of more compact design giving individual who are shorter or those with long residuum an option to use a microprocessor knee. 

Click Here To Learn More About Genium  



Echelon like other dynamic prosthetic feet in the market has an carbon heel and toe spring which allows some energy absorption and some energy storage during walking. What makes the Echelon unique is that planter and dorsi- flexion are controlled individually by hydraulics.  The more flexible ankle allows the user immediate changes in postural stability and stability over walking over uneven surface.   Other features are a more natural toe position when setting, and toe up for easier clearance during swing.  That along with a responsive carbon foot makes this foot both stable and responsive.

Click Here To Learn More About Echelon 


The C-Leg©
The C-Leg©, the world's first completely microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee joint which means it's no longer necessary to concentrate on the task of walking. With an electronically controlled hydraulic cylinder, this is a quantum step forward in lower limb prosthetic technology. It offers the closest possible approximation to natural gait.
The C-LEG© meets the full range of stability and functional needs for today's amputee.

laankle The LA Ankle
The LA Ankle enables transition from walking to leisure activity by simple operation of a lever. The LA Ankle is particularly suitable for swimming, allowing as much as 70 degrees movement in the plantigrade direction.  The LA Ankle is for leisure activity only, not for every day walking.  It is being used successfully all over the world. The LA Ankle is suitable for patients up to 100kg/200lbs.
endolite Endolite's Trans-Tibial Solution
Endolite's Trans-Tibial solution combines a highly functional ankle and simple alignment device with affordable, strong, quality engineering.  The design incorporates all the advantageous features highlighted in our customer surveys. The structure combines with established Endolite foot and ankle designs to give you all the benefits of our "Multiflex" concept. A new long stump design with the same easy alignment is also available in 30 or 35mm options.
Pediatric Knee

Otto Bock 3R66 Pediatric Polycentric Knee Joint
In many congenital pediatric fittings, conservation of space is critical. Matching knee centres in unilateral cases is also difficult. Otto Bock is pleased to introduce a new pediatric knee joint that allows superior function with the benefits of a polycentric configuration. The 3R66 has an incredible range of motion of 165 degrees, adjustable extension resistance and stance stability as well as an integral rotator that allows the child to crouch on the floor (the foot moves 90 degrees both ways from centre). Children of all levels weighing up to 35kg will benefit from this new design. It is recommended that this new knee joint be used in combination with the 1K10 Children's Dynamic Foot and the 4R110 Rotating Socket Adaptor

Total Knee Child

Total Knee for Children Knee for Children
When BIGGER isn't Better - pick up the "Small Wonder," a knee designed just for children. It's only two-thirds the size of our original award winning knee, yet it has all the important features - geometric locking and stance-flex, for comfort and function - plus, our newest Total Knee has COLOUR!
Five HOT anodized colours - in brilliant shades of red, blue, gold, green and purple, all combined to excite a child's imagination.
For weights up to 100lbs. (45kg)

Total Knee Adult Total Knee Geometric Locking System
The Total Knee's natural fluid motion simulates normal knee movement - for the ultimate swing.
The Total Knee offers multiple swing-phase adjustments. The three-phase fully encapsulated hydraulic system is unlike any other.
A unique two-stage flexion adjustment allows the amputee to freely flex the knee while eliminating excessive heel rise. The seven-axis design enhances the single-phase extension resistance feature to normalize gait.
An adjustable stance-flex feature acts as a shock absorber to simulate the natural flexing motion that occurs during stance in the normal gait.
The geometric design of the Total Knee* creates a locking moment, making it virtually impossible for the knee to collapse while in full extension during heel load.
Truss Step The Trustep Foot
The Trustep Foot from College Park is designed to mimic the anatomical foot and ankle, in both structure and function. Its adaptability and energy-storing capabilities make it the perfect solution for both everyday use and the demands of athletic activities. The TruStep foot has a unique split toe and superior ankle motion for exceptional stability, especially on irregular terrain. The design also reduces shock to the residual limb with a patented weight transfer system. Patients who use the Trustep have indicated there is a shorter rehabilitation period than with other prosthetic feet.

Flex-Foot By Ossur
By freeing them from heavy, unresponsive prosthetic devices, Flex-Foot allows amputees of all ages to live their lives with confidence they can take on anything. From young men who scale mountain peaks, to 80 year olds who want to step up 6 inch curbs without hesitation. Flex-Foot was invented in the early 80's by Van Phillips, a prosthetist and amputee frustrated with the kind of products then available. So Van took a radical approach, for the first time putting performance on a par with appearance. Wanting to have people forget they were wearing a prosthesis, he employed new materials, principally carbon filter composite, used in high performance fighter jets. Impervious to heat, cold, water, corrosion and stress, it stores and returns the highest percentage of energy possible, 95%.

The design approach was different, too. Flex-Foot products emphasize proportional response, and active heel, natural ankle motion, and energy return to power wearers through every step. But perhaps the biggest difference is the one we make people's lives. We help them live without limitations, whatever their activity level. Whether wearers stroll through the shops, or run in a marathon, Flex-Foot is liberating for the body. And, for the mind.

Silicone Feet

Silicone Restorative Prostheses
We utilizie the services of Otto Bock Silicone House. Restorative prosthetic feet and fingers are manufactured on-site at Otto Bock central fabrication facility from silicone elastomers. A full line of restorative prostheses are avaialble.

Century Ankle

Adjustable Ankle and Foot System
Loewen Prosthetics provides fittings for boots to casual flats, running shoes to dress shoes we can accommodate various sizes.

Residual Limb Liners
Loewen Prosthetics provides access to fitting various locking and non-locking silicone and urethane liners for suspension and comfort. 
Shock Pylon
Loewen Prosthetic offers various vertical shock absorption and rotation. We can customize the vertical cushion and torsional resistance to fit your needs.

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