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Advances In Techology


The inventor Dr. Hugh Herr is the director of the Biomechatronics Group at the MIT Media Lab but also is a double below the knee amputee.   The BiOM is the only microprocessor ankle-foot device that allows for active push off of the foot during walking. This provides a more biomechanically normal walking pattern for a variety of speeds over level-ground and up stairs.

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Ottobocks newest microprocessor knee has more functions then any other microprocessor knee on the market.  The additional sensors and gyroscope allows for more stability over a multiple terrain and multi-directional movement.  What also makes this knee exceptional is that it is the only microprocessor knee that allow the user to walk step over step up stairs, also this function makes it easy to cross obstacles more smoothly also it allows for a patient to walk backwards.  Also new functions of the knee allow more comfortable standing and sitting, providing a more natural and intuitive use of the leg. 

There are 5 activities modes controlled by the hand- held remote which also shows battery level and is a pedometer.  The knee is more durable and water resistant with a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs.  Even with all these functions the knee is of more compact design giving individual who are shorter or those with long residuum an option to use a microprocessor knee. 

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Echelon like other dynamic prosthetic feet in the market has an carbon heel and toe spring which allows some energy absorption and some energy storage during walking. What makes the Echelon unique is that planter and dorsi- flexion are controlled individually by hydraulics.  The more flexible ankle allows the user immediate changes in postural stability and stability over walking over uneven surface.   Other features are a more natural toe position when setting, and toe up for easier clearance during swing.  That along with a responsive carbon foot makes this foot both stable and responsive.

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Otto bock’s new microprocessor hand has a natural appearance of movement both statically and dynamically due to the combination of independently moving fingers and a thumb that can be individually moved along with a flexible passive wrist unit that both flexes, extends and rotates.  The wrist that can be put into a flexible mode mimicking the movements of the wrist in a relaxed position and a Rigid Mode where it can be locked in different angles.

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Bebionic is a microprocessor hand that has individual motors to control each finger.  This results in 14 different grip patterns and hand positions.  The thumb has a built in sensor that allows for selectable thumb positions.

There is an auto grip function that allows the hand to reposition when the sensor picks up an object slipping from grasp.  The B bionic has a durable construction makes it strong enough to carry 45kg.  This allows the individual the freedom of using the hand in a more dominant manner in day-to-day activities. 

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